Monday, December 31, 2007

hommes graphic tees

i love the fit of mens graphic tees, and i am lusting after some of the ones urban outfitters carries. i adore the foil glasses tee (shown below), which i actually own and wore today. and i plan on adding more of these marvelous tees to my collection.

all available at

edit: i now own the nylon and mickey tee as well.

foil glasses tee..$28

neon bones v neck...$28

threads for thought peace tee...$38

bdg dot stripe crew...$28

urban text tee...$28

paint roller stripe v neck...$28

all over print tee...$24

nike nike nike tee...$32

i am micky tee...$28

css death from above tee...$32

more trees less bush...$28

3 feathers tee...$28

jim the illustrator tee for nylon...$36

darth vader tee...$28

nike just do it tee...$32

frankie says relax tee...$28

safety pin tee...$28

barrack n' roll tee...$28


loveofprettythings said...

i love the frankie says relax tshirt. i wanted to get the pink girls one a while ago but never got around to it i guess. but all of these are crazy looking, their great!! i love the one you wore today! genius

Jackie said...

I absolutely love the mickey mouse tee. It's so quirky and fun.

Heather said...

I would have given anything for a "Frankie Says Relax" t-shirt a couple of years ago.

Mash said...

love the neon bones v neck t-shirt and jim the illustrator tee for nylon <3

Daphné said...

Thanks for posting on my blog!
The "more trees less bush" teeshirt is so FUNNY!
Nice blog!

Bojana said...

Haha I love the more trees, less bush. Brilliant!

Nice blog, too :)

Anonymous said...
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